First Post!

Hello World!

This is Clark Patrick Newman. I’m writing this blog. Why do you care? You probably don’t, that’s OK. This is mostly an exercise for me.

I used to have another blog, but it was on tumblr. I don’t fuck with tumblr anymore, I’m a curmudgeony old man. I’m 33 years old, which in internet years is infinity plus 33 years.

I’m into a lot of things. I am a self-styled jack of all trades, master of none. I daydream a lot about things I could be doing besides daydream. This blog will serve as an outlet to write down these daydreams.

I am an aerospace engineer at NASA. I’ll write what I do in another blog post. All you need to know now is you should expect some of what a nerd would post.

Outside of engineering, science, and technology, I’ll write about social issues, music, comedy, sports, and other things that are typical of a middle class STEM educated white cisman.

Enjoy! Or don’t!


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